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After almost seven years with Uranus influencing his life and bringing many changes, different people and freer relationships, the planet leaves its sign in May. In this period, you must feel as if something has returned to its proper place, inside and outside of you. From this moment on, your social life will be less hectic, and relationships become more stable.

With Jupiter by Scorpio since October 2017 (and remains until November 2019), a pleasant and enjoyable move takes over your sex life. Personal relationships should gain depth and even more consistency. You’ll be more focused on intimacy with two, and your sex life improves significantly.

love horoscope 2019

According to lovehoroscope.guru , the year 2019  promises to be a busy month, especially for single Arians, with Venus, Mercury and Sun walking toward Uranus. Social life is moving again, and new friendships can be made. Among these new friends, there may be a love and so a new romance can start anytime of the month. The New Moon in his sign, which arrives in tense aspect with Uranus, should bring more news to his life and even a relationship. It will be a different relationship, more open and free, that arrives suddenly. Uranus rules the sexual glands, so your sexuality will be even brighter. June, July and August promise more movement to your heart. If at this point you are still alone, June may bring new possibilities for romance. A relationship can begin to be drawn by the Universe, and by August it must be signed.
The months of September, October, November and December will be of delivery, sensuality, love and intimacy. Relationships tend to appear and mature at enormous speed.


The arrival of Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio, which happened in October 2017 and lasts until November 2019, is the best news of the year for the Taurinos. You can start celebrating a new love that will come when you open your heart and are in a joyous moment of your life. If you are already engaged, in a stable or even married relationship, Jupiter will bring a period of renewal of the relationship, rekindling the marriage. If the relationship is bad, either it will end for good or it will be some kind of a fresh start. If that’s the case, Jupiter will be showing that your relationship was not worth it long ago, but you could not tell.

In January and February, Mars, the god of war, who also rules sexuality, will be in Scorpio and walking toward Jupiter. With this, your vital, sexual energy and your ability to conquer must increase considerably. This will be a period of intense passions, with new and interesting relationships emerging. In April, Venus begins to walk through his sign. As Venus is the goddess of love, she brings many opportunities in this industry. Your heart will be brighter and more open to romance.

May already be a special month. Uranus, who has been in Aries for about seven years, begins to walk through his sign, marking the beginning of a period of intense movement in his life. And relationships will not be left out. You will feel more open and less jealous and possessive. You will be more willing for relationships that preserve your individuality and freedom. In addition to Uranus, Mercury transits quickly through its sign, in addition to the New Moon, which arrives in the last degrees and in great aspects with Pluto and Mars, bringing positive changes in the relationships. July and September, October, November and December should also bring good news and opportunities to your sentimental world. Therefore, bullfighters will only be alone this year if they want to. For the entire year the opportunities will be practically “giving soup” to you.


The best news of the year for the Gemini is that Saturn leaves Sagittarius in the last week of December 2017. With this you begin to realize that relationships reappear. After three years of pressure, encountering many problems and difficulties in love, the novels return, flowing more lightly. All the weight of before and too much responsibility are left behind. It’s time to pay more attention to sexuality: your way of getting involved, your passions and your emotional and sensual delivery ability. The period, which lasts approximately two years, will put you face to face with your most intense feelings. It will be time to see whether or not you have the ability to take on a more serious relationship.

The month of January will be very important for you to get in touch with your feelings, to look inside you. February, March and June are months with great chances of passion can hit you in full! Especially if you’re distracted. However, you should be very careful with the excess of energy, which can lead to feelings of possession, aggression and jealousy, more than it should.

In August and / or October, if you are still single, a special person may appear, who should tinker with your heart. Then a novel begins to be drawn by the universe. In November, Jupiter, who has been in Scorpio since October 2017, begins to walk through Sagittarius. This will shake your emotional world and bring you well-deserved blessings after an intense passage of Saturn through that sector. Romance and love will be at your side from this month and the next 12 – you can celebrate! Receive the great benefactor of the heart zodiac and open arms.


2019 promises to arrive with an intense and pleasant movement to the heart of the Cancerian. Jupiter, the great benefactor of the zodiac, who began his journey through Scorpio in October 2017 and continues in this sign until November 2019, should open doors and bring good odds in affective relationships. Your social life will be very, very agitated. You should make new friends for most of the year. And in the midst of these new friends … your heart may pulse harder for someone special, brought by Jupiter to those who are still single. If you’re already committed, enjoy this time to renew and rekindle your relationship. How about some spice on the bed?

Already in January, with the entry of Mars into Scorpio, which is heading towards Jupiter, a new passion may arise. In addition, this month Mercury, Venus and Sun begin to walk through Capricorn, their relationship industry, where Saturn and Pluto are already found. All this movement in the sky must move intensely and deeply with your relationships. There will be a need to build new foundations in relationships that already exist: changes will come after a few crises and this will be the most dramatic point in your life and your partner. Some relationships may even end and others begin. So January will be an important month, when energies will go some way to prepare you for what will come: good news that will be present and noticeable throughout the year. Stay tuned for these new opportunities.

June and July will be months in which passion and sensuality will be very striking to you. Just be careful not to walk in the clouds. See if the ground is even firm, if that passion can not bring you more trouble than joys. From September to December, the energies become softer and your heart quieter. If you are still alone, a new love may arise. And if it appears, it will be more serious, stable, but it may also be accompanied by some problems.


Leo, the great news of 2019 for you is that Saturn leaves Sagittarius in the last week of December and, with that, also leaves his heart lighter. You can celebrate because the problems you have faced in the last three years, especially in the area of love and personal relationships, are far behind. His feelings flow back more lightly, with love and passion free from the weight of Saturn. If you’re committed, you can look forward to a pleasant and enjoyable 2019 with your partner: it will be a time to renew the energies of the relationship.

February, March and May will be months of strong sensuality and passions in full bloom. There will be many impassioned encounters and even a warm intimacy. A beautiful and favorable New Moon arrives in the last degrees of Aquarius in February, united to Mercury. It will make you open up and communicate more. There is room for sympathy, sensuality and an enormous capacity for conquest. In March, the New Moon in Pisces makes you even more intense and sensual, but also more possessive. Take care of that.

From May to October, with the passage of Mars, the god of war and also of sexuality, in Aquarius, in direct and retrograde movement, you must be careful in double with the excess of energies. They can both make you more sensual and confident, and also more aggressive. Be rational, try not to have actions or impulsive reactions. Breathe and try to direct this intense energy to your achievements, not to destruction. In November, Jupiter, who has been in Scorpio for the last twelve months, begins to walk through Sagittarius. It will be a very propitious time to heal the wounds of your heart. New doors will be opened and some opportunities will arise in the affective sector. His sensuality increases once more, and a passion-filled romance can begin to be drawn by the Universe if he is still alone.


Pluto continues in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces: this moves their relationships, but also brings difficulties in this sector. With Saturn in Capricorn, along with Pluto, it will be time to fix the mess and get the house in order – and the house here is your heart. But before that organization you can go through a process of cleaning, typical of the arrival of Saturn in a sign. This can be a tougher year for love because you will be more closed and even colder. If they already call you an icy heart, now it will be a heart of stone …

January already begins with the New Moon in Capricorn, in addition to Mercury, Venus and Pluto already present too, moving their emotional world in an intense way. The Universe can give you a surprise, even though you are more serious and cold. A special person can appear and tinker with your heart. However, this novel that will begin intense, at once, can bring problems during the year. If you are still alone, a new love may come in February and March. If you are already committed, you are likely to take your relationship more seriously. You will weigh and evaluate pros and cons, which may even lead not only your relationship but also you to a crisis. But this crisis can be very good, after all, to bring about the necessary changes. See that this is not a time of disruption, but rather of revision and transformation, which can culminate in terms.

March, April, and May should be months of reserve and control, when more serious decisions are likely to be made. Be wary of aggressiveness, as it can have more serious consequences. If until December, you do not fall in love and are still single, a romance full of passion can begin. Its sensuality and capacity of conquest increase significantly in the last month of 2019.


Uranus has been in Aries since 2011 and continues to move their relationships until May, when that planet enters the sign of Taurus. Uranus brought people interesting and different from common sense, but relationships were always unstable and long lasting. It may even be that you yourself have not opened up to a firmer relationship because your independence and your sense of freedom have been quite uprooted. As soon as Uranus begins to walk through Taurus, his sensuality grows, and his sex life gains a new moment, new colors and nuances. This is because you will be more open to new experiences. Then it’s time to dare! But this will only happen from May, which will be a special month to leave a more serious commitment.

In February, the New Moon in Aquarius comes together with Mercury, moving both its social life and the novels. A novel begins to be drawn by the Universe from the middle of that month if it is still single. March and April are still busy, with a busy social life. And the New Moon in Aries will still bring new opportunities in sentimental life. It comes with Uranus, who is still in Aries this month, bringing once again different people (even exotic to tell the truth), very independent and with a very great instinct for freedom. The events will be unusual and unexpected during April.

In May, June, July, September, October and November, with the passage of Mars in Aquarius in direct and retrograde movement, you will be even better in the art of conquest and more sensual. In these months, some people may catch your eye. However, throughout the year, you will not feel a great need for commitment. So these months can end up being quite hectic in your personal life. The novels come and go very easily and, ultimately, the decision whether or not to have a commitment will be more in your hands. November is a very interesting month, since the entrance of Venus, the goddess of love, in its sign can bring even more options of choice.


Since October 2017, with the entry of Jupiter into your sign, you should feel your life flowing more easily. The obstacles are overcome more quickly and some situations and people simply appear ahead of you with unexpected solutions, as if they fall from the sky. Luck has once again smiled upon the Scorpio, and you must be alert to new opportunities that will surely come into your life. Of course, love does not stay out of this context.

For most of the year, at least until November, Jupiter will be bringing blessings to you. Already in January, with the entry of Mars in your sign, you will feel that the energies become even more intense. Great care must be taken with the typical excesses of Jupiter, especially the sexual and aggressiveness, which are reinforced with Mars. Your sensuality will be on high, and you must have discernment to not make some mistakes. Even if it is highly sensuous, try to avoid situations and people who, in their right mind, would realize that they are not worth it. If committed, enjoy the intense energies with your love.

February and March will be months when the heart will speak louder. It is when a romance full of tenderness, affection, and welcome can begin. In April, Venus walks through Taurus, and in May, with the entrance of Uranus, who has been in Aries for seven years, and Mercury and the New Moon in Taurus, you can expect a rather pleasant movement in your social life, be committed or not. If you are alone, a new love may arise, and a courtship start. Be aware of the opportunities that will appear in April and May. From September to November, with the passage of Venus in direct and retrograde movement, besides the passage of Mercury and the Sun by its sign, sensuality surfaces again and intimacy will be prioritized. If you are alone, this will be another opportunity that the universe brings a new love into your life.


Saturn leaves its sign after three years and, without its pressure, you are taking life in a lighter and looser way. In this period of responsibility and over-commitment, during this passage of Saturn by his sign, his heart was colder. Relationships have become more distant, and love … Oh, you can say that it has hardly happened, right? And if it did, it brought more problems than solutions. Now you are still amazed by the reduction of ice and weight in your heart.

After seven years, Uranus leaves the Aries sign in May. In these last years, Urano brought intense, interesting, modern and free romances, but without much stability. Now you can take time, open your arms and your heart to receive a love that should come into your life, maybe even to stay. March and April are very important months, because it will be when a novel can begin to be drawn by the Universe. With the passage of Venus, Mercury, Sun and New Moon in Aries, a new love may come out of nowhere, quite suddenly. What I can guarantee is that, at least, there is no dense energy to prevent this novel from starting. On the contrary, everything will be very light. You will not even believe in how the energies will re-flow in your novels.

In May it is the turn of Venus, goddess of love, to enter Gemini. With this, it will stir your social life. As you are attracting new people to your life as a magnet (even if you do not realize it), new friendships can be traced. And between a new friend and a new love, a new love can arise. In June, the passage of the Sun also through Gemini continues to move social life and bringing new chances to meet someone special. A dating can begin between May and June.

November will bring more good news to you: Jupiter, who has been in Scorpio for the last twelve months, begins his walk through his sign. It will open new doors and bring new opportunities in all sectors of your life, but especially in love. You will simply be irresistible: with vibrant, contagious, friendly, talkative, cheerful and optimistic energy.


After three years in Sagittarius, Saturn has been walking through its sign since the last week of December 2017 until June 2020. On the other hand, since 2008 Pluto, the most powerful of the zodiac, is in its wake bringing changes in his life and, with the arrival of Saturn also in its sign, the news is not very good, but it depends on the point of view. Now you can wait for harder years, especially in love. Saturn and Pluto are two target planets. This means that relationships that no longer work should end with the passage of Saturn. That is, those who bring no more joy and satisfaction. It will be like an extra weight on your shoulders. You feel even greater and stronger the burden of responsibility and the need to commit to the truth. That’s why honest relationships are only going to be based on sincere love.

As early as January you can feel an intense movement in your life: someone may appear bringing some changes to your heart. Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Sun and a New Moon in your sign will be like a real earthquake in your life, shaking everything. It is very possible that you fall in love and, more, that this new love bring about important changes. April and May will be very important months for your feelings. A new possibility of romance can arise in these two months if you are still alone. Someone new, inclusive, and very nice can bring profound changes to the way you usually relate.

In May, Uranus begins to walk through Taurus after nearly seven years in Aries. This can bring about an unexpected event that will bring about speedy and effective changes in your life. A strong need for freedom and independence can invade your interior. This is where you can establish and strengthen a new way of loving, with more freedom and respect for the individuality (yours and your partner). July and August will be quieter months, with a social life until pleasant and new friendships appearing in their conviviality. If you are still alone, dating can begin anytime in those two months.


The first two months of 2019 will be very interesting for your sign with regard to novels, which can, finally, move your heart. The passage of Venus and the Sun by its sign must open some doors and then bring new love opportunities to your life. The February New Moon will also be in its sign and should bring good news to the Capricorns.

Venus crosses the sign of Gemini between April and May, stirring up his social life. It is even possible that it opens its cold heart to a new novel, which begins to be drawn by the Universe during these two months. In May and until November, except August, Mars will be in its sign, in direct and retrograde movements, and a passion to you.


Saturn left Sagittarius and begins his walk through Capricorn in the last week of December, and you begin to feel greater lightness in your heart. Not for less. All sectors of his life had been hit by Saturn, and now the difficulties are finally over. Even in your love life and especially if you are married. Ufa! You can have peace of mind again, still.

The dangerous Neptune, the planet of illusions and deception, continues its sign even this year, requiring you to press your feet firmly on the ground in all areas of your life. Unfortunately, love is no exception to this rule. Your heart begins to be invaded by the loving energies already in February, with the passage of Venus, Mercury and the Sun by its sign. This movement will mark the beginning of an astral year that promises an interesting and pleasant movement for your feelings.

In March, New Moon in its sign comes strained with Mars, god of war, but also of sexuality, leaving its sensuality to the flower of the skin. May, June, and July will be moving: there are great chances that a new novel will begin to be drawn by the Universe in this period if you are still single. In September, social life becomes more lively and new friendships can arise in this conviviality. Between one and another friend that appears in your life, one will be special and can get your attention. A courtship can even begin at any moment, and with the good things brought by Jupiter in Scorpio (sign compatible with yours), you will realize that the tracks of your affective life return to the axis, running unhindered and at a faster rate. October and November will be important months for a relationship to become more serious and deep and there will also be an increase in your sensuality. You will prioritize intimacy with the one you love and you will not regret it if you do it with balance.