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How Does a Wind Chime Work?

The function of a wind chime is to raise the vibratory level of a place by the sound. It moves the ch’i stagnant. From time to time, one can use a chime or a small bell to move the ch’i in dark corners, under the bed, in cupboards …

If your chime is placed in an area where there is not enough movement of air to make it veer, the presence of 5 chopsticks is anyway in agreement with the sector, but nothing prevents you to make it clink sometimes.

The chime also serves to deflect the ch’i or to slow it down between 2 doors or in a long corridor (in which one can need 2 chimes when this corridor is too long)

The chime will be placed where it is needed and in keeping with the element of the zone.

They are a very good way to eliminate negative effects or to improve a sector and attract luck in a chosen field.

When you choose a chime, listen carefully to the sound it emits, it must reason, that the tingling is clear, even crystal.

In the same way, pay attention to the phone ringtones and the doorbell.

Several materials are possible, wood, metal and ceramics.

You will therefore pay attention to the material of the chime according to the zone (see the 5 elements) in which you wish to place it.

A metal chime will be placed in zone:

– outside-aid / large metal

– children-projects / small metal

– career / water

A wooden chime will be placed in zone:

– family / large wood

– silver / small wood

– reputation / fire

A ceramic chime will be placed in zone:

– love / big earth

– knowledge / small land

– tao / earth

Example of what not to do.

Place a metal chime in a wood area such as:

the silver zone => the metal slices the wood => financial losses.

The family zone => injuries, loss of energy or

=> break with family members …

Today we will stop at the entrance of your house to see if you have a feng shui gateway ..

The front door is the most important, most powerful element in Feng Shui.

A poorly positioned, poorly maintained, misguided, or improperly sized entrance door and you destroy the Chi of a house in its entirety in no time.

The crucial point for a feng shui gateway is its sense of openness. He must be inward to invite the chi to enter and not outward, which in this case would push the chi, block the passage and prevent him from entering and feeding the house.

Here we would have a home with an absent chi that would cause various problems, ranging from health problems to money problems to marital problems or with children.
If you are in the case of a door with opening to the outside, do not panic, a good carpenter should be able to make a change at a lower cost, so as to reverse the direction of the hinges and allow you to get a door that opens in the right direction.

The hallway or space that the front door will encounter must be spacious enough to invite the chi to enter on the one hand and on the other hand to be positive.