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New year, new horoscope and many, many changes in sight for all the zodiacal signs. But what news will happen up there in the starry sky?

2018 will witness the change of sign of Uranus, the astrologers explain, that after years in Aries between May and November will make its first entry in Toro, where it will remain stable in the following years. A big and big news for the friends of Toro, who will have to prepare for big transformations. Also for the friends of the Scorpio it will be a fundamental year: with Jupiter in the Sign until November and Uranus in opposition in the central part they will want everything to revolutionize.

Capricorn will finally be good, while for Cancer, Pisces and Virgo this change will be a good helping hand. The second passage concerns Jupiter, which until November will remain in Scorpio, then pass into Sagittarius. Therefore, most of the year could witness the expansion of the friends of Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn and Virgo, who will finally regain confidence in themselves. And when the planet of expansion and welfare will pass into Sagittarius, it will remember the friends of Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Aquarius and Libra.

Aries – Aries will have to deal with Saturn and Pluto against it. A challenging passage, but surmountable if it shows itself to be reflective, cautious, prudent. The two planets will ask to grow, to develop awareness, to avoid unnecessary conflicts that will be avoided as much as possible, on pain of being often in trouble. To help you, Uranus in Aries and from November the generous Jupiter: a fundamental support to fine-tune your projects and close 2018 well.

Taurus – Taurus will definitely be in the spotlight. Saturn, Pluto and Neptune favorable and Jupiter tense will push you towards a continuous transformation, sometimes slow and sometimes faster. Uranus in Taurus from May to November will coagulate for the first time these changes, which will make visible. But over the next few years, expect constant upheavals: this will be only a first phase, and the more you exploit the excellent planetary steps, the more this phase will be beneficial for your entire life.

Gemini – The Twins open the year, sighing with relief: finally Saturn has taken off his orbits! In addition, until May, you will be pampered by Uranus, who will take care of the news and will help you to turn if you wish. Of the previous discomforts, you will take only hostile Neptune, which at times will make you confused and uncertain. An eye to the false steps in the economic field from November onwards: it will be the council of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Cancer – Cancer will most likely have a year between complications and successes. As happens for years, the contradictions will be daily bread, but with one difference: that in 2018 you will learn to believe in yourself and you will have fewer fears to face the changes. Saturn in opposition will ask you for responsibility and commitment, but with Jupiter and Neptune you will always be able to react in the right way. In addition, between May and November you will get a taste of the positivity of Uranus in Taurus that will offer you favorable situations in the coming years.

Leo – Jupiter in Scorpio will be a threat only if you let yourself be tempted by the desire to take the longest step of the leg! Uranus in Aries will be the sponsor of positive changes, will give you energy and a great desire to do. Eye, however, between May and November: Uranus in Taurus could make you impulsive, with the risk of yielding to easy enthusiasm and to blow up the solid results obtained in previous years. The last two months of the year are very favorable and lucky.

Virgo – The Virgin will recover tone, grit, self-confidence, and will finally feel ready to welcome opportunities that can improve her life. A bit of luck will be the right reward for this new attitude, matured by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and by Jupiter in Scorpio and by Uranus in Taurus between May and November. In spite of Neptune, who from Pisces will try, in moments, to undermine your certainties. At the end of the year, with Jupiter in Sagittarius, an eye on false steps.

Libra – Libra will not have a simple year, between Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries that will drive it to continuous transformations, to fundamental revisions that may not be easy. The whole structure of your life will be in question: so reflect and let go only the rotten branches, the situations that no longer make sense to you. In November, Jupiter in Sagittarius will make your journey less difficult and you will continue stronger than ever.

Scorpio – Scorpio will prepare for a year of great successes and novelties. Saturn and Pluto will claim it in Capricorn, which will make the results achieved solid, Nettuno in Pisces will confirm it and above all Jupiter in Scorpio will say it. Between May and November with Uranus in Taurus they will peep out the changes that will take place in the following years. Look carefully and get ready!

Sagittarius – Sagittarius comes from years of Saturn in the Sign. But it comes out well, thanks to the favors of Uranus that when it will be in Aries it will continue to encourage novelty and awareness. Only Neptune in Pisces will undermine your certainties, especially affective ones, leaving a gap in your heart that you will have to recognize and learn to fill. And in November, Jupiter will be in Sagittarius: closing from the top ten!

Capricorn – Capricorn will finally have the revenge that has been waiting for years. Yes, dear and dear friend, 2018 will see your professional or social ascent, or personal: it depends on your goals, on what you have long dreamed of. Of course, as always, nothing will be given to you: but with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn you will be a rock and with Jupiter in Scorpio you will have the opportunities you want. And how wonderful Uranus in Taurus between May and November: a first taste of the rich news waiting for you in the following years!

Aquarius – To you, dear friends and dear friends of the Aquarium, in previous years the stars have reserved work and personal satisfactions destined to make your path stable. Just those results that in 2018 will be tested by Jupiter in Scorpio. Do not lose sight of the results achieved and be constant. Uranus in Aries will help you, but between May and November it will be in Taurus and you may try to change the cards on the table at an inappropriate time. Luckily, in November Jupiter will arrive in Sagittarius to defend you with a sword drawn!

Pisces – Pisces can not wait to leave the heavy previous years in an all-inclusive package! Well, 2018 will be all yours! Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus between May and November indicate that you will be the protagonists of events that are finally positive. Perhaps you will settle for serenity, but you will have much, much more! Luck will love you and you only have to try to match them by doing the right actions and choices. Eye to Jupiter between November and December when it will be in Sagittarius and will indicate small, passing, tensions.