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This beautiful wind chime with seven vertically aligned stones recalls the seven main chakras of the human body lined up along the spine.

This tube chime combines colors and sounds to emphasize the ancient meaning of the major energy centers of the human body.

Each stone corresponds to a chakra: red coral for the 1st chakra – Carnelian for the 2nd chakra – Citrine for the 3rd chakra – Aventurine for the heart chakra – Turquoise for the throat – Lapis lazuli for the 3rd eye and Amethyst for the crown chakra .

The wind chime, also called Éolyre, or sometimes celestial chimes, is capable of generating very pure and crystalline sounds at the slightest breath or blast. It is made of noble and resistant materials, with the added bonus of elegance. The tubes owe their harmonics to an alloy of light metals, unalterable, finely varnished.

The timbre that can be heard every time the chime is touched, by chance or by chance, gives rise to a concert of soothing tones that recall the unique specificity of the present moment.

This chime will bring tranquility to your home while brightening the atmosphere with its beautiful tingle and colors.

These tube chimes are tuned precisely to create harmonies of exceptional duration at the slightest breeze.

To keep your chime extended, you can clean aluminum tubes and stones with a soft cloth.

The Feng Shui chime

If you run out of time or do not have the option of having your furniture in Feng Shui art, you can use Feng Shui chimes.
Hung at the entrance to your home or even in each room, the wind chimes can, wherever they are suspended, play this soothing and balancing role. They energize the Chi in the house by sound and wind.

Chimes at the front door increase the amount of Chi coming into the house. Check this url and find interesting info about the best 2018 wind chimes : https://www.thechinesezodiac.org/feng-shui/wind-chimes-in-feng-shui/
They allow you to drive out the bad waves and to circulate the energy in all the rooms, they burst the energy with each tinkle to return it from one room to another.
The energy being harmonious you will feel surprisingly more serene, more active and more in harmony with yourself.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a very ancient art that dates back more than 4000 years and is based on two energies, Yin and Yang.
Feng Shui allows man to live in harmony with the five elements (wood, fire, metal, water and earth).
We often tend to misspelling and writing it roughly as feng chui, fen schui, fengshui or fengchui because of ignorance of the exact translation.


The main foundations of Feng Shui

A. Fundamental principles:
Three main principles stemming from the Chinese cosmogony are the bases of Feng Shui:

  • 1. The Universe is an oscillation between two Yin and Yang forces and their vicissitudes.
  • 2. The human being is one with the Universe, it is a microcosm within the Macrocosm.
  • 3. The Universe is in permanent evolution and this evolution is done by cycle.

B. The Chi:
The interactions between Yin and Yang regenerate the Chi which runs through nature relentlessly. Every thing, every being is animated by a current called Cosmic Energy or Chi. Chi corresponds to the Western notion of breath (Soul). There is no good or bad Chi. There is only one Chi, the one generated by Yin and Yang. Feng Shui serves to optimize the quality of Chi’s action.

The Chinese name of Feng Shui literally means Wind and Water. Both of these elements are used to represent the discipline of well-being through the environment. The Wind symbolizes the Yang represented by the Dragon. Water symbolizes the Yin represented by the Tiger. Feng Shui deals not only with the phenomena that occur on earth, under our feet (tellurism), but also with those that occur in the atmosphere on our heads (cosmic).

Wind and Water act on each other they are in perpetual motion (unless blocked by an obstacle). They can therefore symbolize Chi.

Feng Shui must recreate this balance between wind and water. To practice Feng Shui is to build a harmony between wind and water, yin and yang.

It is often not possible to change the place of habitation, but there are several very effective parades to harmonization problems.

  • 1. The octagonal mirrors can return the good or bad Chi according to our desires.
  • 2. Minerals, crystal balls, or reharmonizer neutralize bad energy flows. They are placed in the bare corners of the rooms, preferably away from sources of light and heat.
  • 3. Luminaires should be placed in empty spaces or offset from the entrance to promote good Chi.
  • 4. Green plants and flowers rebalance Chi, as do Feng Shui chimes.

Feng Shui is working, discovering, experimenting, feel free to modify your interior to feel better.

Some Interesting “stuff”:

Choose comfortable chairs with rounded shapes

Choose a wooden bed rather than a metal bed that could alter the quality of sleep

In a kitchen, do not leave knives in sight but store them in the drawer

Make sure the front door opens to a clear, well-lit space. Prevent access doors to other rooms from facing her

In the center of a dining room table, place a square object if it is round, and a round object if it is square

Lower the toilet lid and close the lavatory bungs to hold vital energy

Painter the front door in red symbol of luck and protection, in green sign of life and health, or black symbol of money

Hanging a chime at the front door, source of harmony, it increases the Chi and marks the limit between the inside and the outside

Avoid U-shaped desks or avoid mirrors in the kitchen. Reflecting fire, they symbolize the accidents of young children

Avoid placing the bed so that the feet are just in front of the bedroom door. Chi hits sleepers too quickly. In this case, and if there is no other possible position, it would be necessary to place at the foot of the bed a console with one or two decorative objects that would slow down the energy coming from the door

Avoid placing your bed on the path of Chi that runs between the window and the door. The flow causes, passing on you at night your life energy and leaves you tired in the morning

Do not place the headboard under a window, or with a window behind you. This creates a feeling of insecurity and instability. If no other position is possible, opt for a high and solid headboard, and place curtains cut in a heavy fabric that will slow the Chi

Do not place the headboard against the wall adjacent to a bathroom or toilet, or to a kitchen. The bathroom or toilets destabilize and create a vacuum. If you can not help it, place a wooden headboard (the wood exhausts the water) or natural fibers to counter the harmful energy of the water, or a dark fabric hanging behind the headboard. The kitchen sends a fire energy too strong that can cause a bad sleep and fatigue when waking up. Use the Earth element (the earth exhausts fire) to calm the overflow of dynamism, such as a headboard or wall hanging behind your head in ocher, yellow or beige tones

In a room for example, look for and use lights that are as close as possible to the light of day, and make sure that the room is illuminated by the sun

The mirrors are beneficial in the child’s room because it apprehends its own image. Make it look whole, and increase the size of the mirror as it grows. In contrast, the mirror should not reflect the bed. It can have a negative effect on his sleep and increase his feeling of insecurity

The bunk beds are bad. They confine Chi for both children, both above and below. This can cause incomprehensible disorders and depressions. To reduce the effect of such beds, use sufficient light for each child and place at the dulit head of each a small crystal faceted. These crystals have the effect of re-harmonizing the Chi and lighten it, especially if you can hang it directly in front of the source of light

For mezzanine beds, it’s the same problem. The child is too close to the ceiling and the Chi is stagnant. Work in the office (if it is under the bed) will not be effective because the Chi is too heavy and lack of light will not promote concentration. It will therefore be necessary to favor a good lighting (daylight) and place a crystal with facets under the bed